This Afternoon's Odd News 9/24/18

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Four Out of Five People Gain "Love Weight" in a Relationship . . . Here Are the Top Reasons Why

The best part of getting into a relationship is that you can FINALLY stop watching what you eat so carefully and going to the gym so much. The second best part is love and companionship. According to a new survey, approximately four out of five people gain, quote, "love weight" when they get in a serious relationship. And here are the eight reasons why . . .

1. Eating out more.

2. Adopting a less active lifestyle.

3. Staying home to eat and drink.

4. Exercising less to spend more time together.

5. Trying new foods and restaurants as a couple.

6. Starting a family.

7. Less motivation to keep up your physique.

8. Take more Ubers or taxis together instead of walking places.

(New York Post)

A Woman Says She Lost $35,000 She'd Hidden in the Freezer When She Returned It to Costco

This woman wouldn't be in crisis mode if only she stored her money like a normal person: Hidden inside the mattress or buried in the backyard. Renee Reese of Thornton, Colorado says she stored her life savings of $35,000 inside her FREEZER. She put it in Ziploc bags wrapped in paper towels, so it would blend in. Her theory was if her house ever burned down, the cash would stay safe in the freezer. But here's where things get EXTRA strange. Apparently Renee returned the freezer to Costco in June . . . and FORGOT she'd hidden the cash inside.  And by the time she realized she'd given Costco the freezer plus $35,000, it was too late. She opened a claim with them, but they haven't found the cash, and so far all they'll say is that they're looking into it.

(ABC 7 - Denver)

A Guy Runs From the Cops, But Surrenders to Get Away From the Mosquitoes

There aren't many situations you can wind up in that are WORSE than being in jail. This guy found one of 'em. A guy named John Wilson and a friend stole several hundred dollars worth of alcohol from a grocery store in Wisconsin last week. The cops started chasing them, and John got out and ran. And he actually got away . . . until about an hour later, when he surrendered. Why'd he give himself up? Because there were so many MOSQUITOES swarming in the area that he couldn't take it anymore. And he wasn't kidding. When the cops cuffed him, about 20 mosquitoes swarmed onto his forehead and he asked the cops to wipe them away. He was charged with fleeing, theft, and obstructing an officer. The cops are still trying to track down his buddy.

(CBS 58 - Milwaukee)


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