This Afternoon's Odd News 9/20/18

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It's National Pepperoni Pizza Day . . . Sorry to the One-Third of People Who Don't Like It as a Topping

Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Yes, the people who make up holidays weren't just satisfied with National Pizza Day, which is February 9th . . . they had to give a holiday to one specific topping.

But at least they picked the most popular topping. Here are some results from a new survey . . .

1. 66% of people say they like pepperoni. That makes it the most popular pizza topping . . . but it DOES mean one-third of people don't like it. Sausage came in second . . . mushrooms came in third . . . and bacon was fourth.

2. 98% of people say they like pizza.

3. 22% say they can eat an entire pizza on their own.

4. And finally, 3% say they'd rather eat pizza than be in a relationship.

(National Today)

It's Not Your Fault You're Lazy . . . Turns Out We're All Wired That Way

If you have trouble motivating yourself to get up off the couch to get stuff done, it's not a sign you're lazy. It's a sign that you're HUMAN.

According to a study by evolutionary biologists from the University of British Columbia in Canada, it turns out we're all HARDWIRED to be LAZY.

So when you DO get motivated to do stuff, your brain has to work extra hard and use lots of energy to overcome human nature.

But why are we built to be lazy? Because it helps our bodies save energy . . . and for ancient humans, that was a big advantage, because it meant you could use your extra energy for hunting and survival.

(Daily Mail)

A Grandma Mayor Shoots and Kills an Alligator to Get Revenge For It Killing Her Miniature Horse

I have a feeling NO ONE is going to mess with the town of Livingston, Texas and its little old lady mayor after this.

The new mayor of Livingston is a 73-year-old woman named Judy Cochran. She's a grandmother with, apparently, a thirst for vengeance.

About three years ago, her miniature horse was killed by an alligator. She knew the gator that did it . . . he's a 12-foot, 580-pound beast who lives in the river along her ranch.

And this year, she decided to get revenge. But gator hunting season only lasts for three weeks, and it's right now, so she had to act fast. On Monday, she put a dead raccoon in her backyard as bait, and waited for the gator.

And when the giant alligator took the bait, Judy nailed him. Now he's at a taxidermist, because Judy is having his head stuffed to hang on her wall . . . and she's going to make his body into boots.

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram(Here's a link to a picture of her with the gator.)


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