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You Spend Five Years of Your Life Feeling Bored . . . Here Are the Five Most-Common Things We Find Boring

A new study found the average person feels bored for about two hours a day . . . which works out to roughly FIVE YEARS of boredom throughout your life.

Here are the top five things we deal with that make us feel bored . . .

1. Calling a company and having to wait on hold.

2. Slow Wi-Fi.

3. Sitting through an ad before you watch a video online.

4. Sifting through junk mail.

5. Waiting for websites to load, even if the Wi-Fi is decent.

A few more from the top 30 include waiting in line . . . scrolling through photos of food on social media . . . washing dishes . . . waiting for your significant other to get ready . . . lame work meetings . . . taking out the trash . . . and your daily commute.


It's National Cheeseburger Day! What's Your Favorite Type of Cheese to Use?

It's been two weeks since all those Labor Day barbecues. And I guess that's as long as we can go without celebrating our love for meat-and-cheese on a bun. Today is National Cheeseburger Day. And according to a new poll, 82% of Americans say they LOVE cheeseburgers. The poll also asked people for their favorite type of cheese to use on a burger. And it was close, but AMERICAN was the top pick. (Even though it's not even cheese, technically… it’s processed cheese or “cheese food,” meaning it’s not actually real cheese..)

Here are our five favorite types of cheeseburger cheeses . . .

1. American. 66% like it on burgers.

2. Cheddar. 65%.

3. Swiss, 43%.

4. Pepper jack, 40%.

5. Provolone, 31%.

(National Today) 

A New Service Lets Parents Hire Intimidating "Uncles" to Help Protect Their Kids From Bullies

There's a new anti-bullying service that's being offered in South Korea . . . and I'm thinking it couldn't make the jump over here, since it would get hit with like 157 lawsuits the first time anyone used it. But it's still a heck of an idea.

It's called the "Uncle Service." Parents can hire intimidating guys to pose as uncles for their kids . . . to help protect them from bullies. And there are three packages . . .

1. The evidence package, where a fake uncle secretly films the kid getting bullied, then turns over those tapes to the school and tells them they'd better do something about it or he'll go to the school board. That costs $350-a-day.

2. The uncle package, where the guy walks a kid to and from school and gives a, quote, "stern warning" to his bullies. That costs $440-a-day.

3. And the chaperone package, where the fake uncle goes to wherever the bully's parents work, confronts them, and protests in front of their building yelling, "A parent of a bully works here." That costs $1,770 for four visits.

And once again, it's interesting, but WOULD NOT work in our litigious culture . . . which has a huge problem with strange men showing up at schools, especially to threaten children. So do not try to start this business in America.

(All Kpop)

A Man Has His Toddler Climb Into an Arcade Prize Machine to Steal a Bunch of Toys

I'm not sure one of the joys of being a parent is "now you've got a tiny criminal accomplice." So this is a new one . . .

The police in Salem, New Hampshire are looking for a guy who used his toddler to steal a bunch of prizes from an arcade machine at a mall on Friday night. 

The game is called BarBerCut Lite, and it's kind of like a claw machine . . . only instead of dropping a metal claw to try to grab a stuffed animal, you press buttons to try to make two pairs of scissors cut a string holding a prize.

It looks almost impossible to win, and it probably is, since some of the prizes they have on display are really expensive things like a Nintendo Switch.

But because there are big prizes, there's also a big prize slot on the machine . . . so this guy had his young daughter crawl through the hole and pass him a bunch of the toys, electronics, and gift cards. Then they took off.

Several people took videos as it was going on, and the cops are reviewing them now while they try to track down this guy.

A Guy Proposes to His Flight Attendant Girlfriend Mid-Flight . . . It Goes Viral . . . and She Gets Fired

If you hate when people make a big, public, viral stunt out of a marriage proposal . . . you'll want to hear this.

There's a woman who was a flight attendant on China Eastern Airlines. Back in May, her boyfriend was on a flight from Xi'an to Yinchuan, China while she was working.

And while they were in the air, he surprised her by proposing in front of the whole plane. She cried and said yes, and everyone on the plane clapped and cheered.

The proposal went viral on YouTube and got almost a million views.

Well . . . last week, the woman got a letter telling her she was FIRED. Why? Because the company said her, quote, "private romantic behavior . . . was extremely irresponsible for the safety of the passengers."

In other words, since she was on the clock, she shouldn't be getting engaged . . . she should be doing her job.

( / Singapore Channel 8)


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