Throwback Thursday-"Live from the Dutchess Mall!"

This was back in the days when we took everything along with us for a live broadcast, including the 45 rpm records (the little ones with the big hole in the center) and the turntables.  Alottaluggin.  But we were happy to do it.  Here I am holding the microphone next to my longtime friend and former co-worker, Rich Ball, seated behind the console.  You can make out some of the stores in the background.  We hosted so many events at the Dutchess Mall, not only live broadcasts, but a live auction, even an indoor classic car show.  By the way, weren't we stylin' in our matching baby blue polyester sport jackets?  Charlotte finally made me get rid of mine.  sigh.  Anyway, many happy memories were made in the Dutchess Mall.  

By the way, we'll be taking the Morning Show on the road next Tuesday morning with a live broadcast from the United Way's annual Community Breakfast at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.  If you'd like to know about that event, you can visit their Facebook page here.  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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