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The average person spends almost $3,000 a year eating out and grabbing coffee, according to a new study. We eat out 2.4 times a week and grab drinks like coffee or smoothies 2.5 times a week.

FULL STORY: If you're wondering where all your money keeps going, this might be the answer. A new study looked at how much the average American is spending on two things: Going out to eat . . . and grabbing drinks like coffee and smoothies. And, spoiler alert: We're spending a LOT. The average person eats at a restaurant or orders takeout or delivery 2.4 times a week, and spends an average of $19.58 each time. That adds up to about 125 times a year, and costs a total of $2,443. And we buy drinks like coffee or smoothies 2.5 times a week, at an average of $3.72 cents each time. That adds up to 130 times a year, and costs us $484. So when you add it up, we're spending $2,927-a-year at restaurants and coffee shops. Which means in the last five years, you've dropped $14,635. You could've gotten a Hyundai for that money. A HYUNDAI.


A new study found that we subconsciously gravitate toward being in relationships with people who look like our PARENTS.

FULL STORY: Well good luck getting romantic after THIS. A new study out of the Czech Republic looked at 950 male/female couples, and the researchers found that most people subconsciously gravitated toward settling down with someone who looked like their PARENTS. The men tended to gravitate toward women who look like their mother . . . women went for guys who look like their father. The researchers think it's because we have the first meaningful relationship in our lives with our parents, so their characteristics get imprinted in our brains, almost like a template for the future. But . . . since it's hard to find an exact doppelganger of your mom or dad out there, we go for more basic characteristics, specifically eye color and hair color.

So if you're in a relationship with someone whose eye or hair color matches your mother or father . . . yeah, that wasn't an accident.

(Daily Mail)

Cops arrested a guy in Florida earlier this month, but they wouldn't put on music in their car on the way to jail. So the felon took things into his own hands or voice I should say!

FULL STORY: There's a 25-year-old guy named Seth Coffey in Vero Beach, Florida, and the cops pulled him over earlier this month as he was driving up and down a boulevard. It turned out he had a blood-alcohol level that was three times the legal limit, so they arrested him for driving while intoxicated. And as they drove him to jail, he asked the cops to put on some music. But they wouldn't do it. So Seth decided to provide the music HIMSELF . . . and he started singing "Don't Stop Believin'". What ELSE would be appropriate on a JOURNEY to jail? Puns are the highest form of comedy. Anyway, Seth is facing a DUI charge.

(Treasure Coast Palm


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