This Afternoon's Odd News 9/6/18

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Today is National Read-a-Book Day, which means it's a perfect time to READ SHAME you. It's still politically correct to “read shame”, right? It should be, considering I literally just made that term up. According to a new survey, 17% of Americans read ZERO books a year, and another 47% read between one and five. So that means just about two-thirds of the people in this country read fewer than five books a year. 9% read more than 20, so they're really handling literacy for the rest of us. The survey also found that 74% of people say their favorite way to read is still on regular, old-fashioned paper. 18% like e-books, and 8% like audiobooks. And the most popular genres of books are mystery . . . fantasy . . . and young adult fiction. (National Today)

It's probably a good idea to check your "fake" weapons before you use them in a Halloween costume . . . you know, just in case THIS happens. The big dollar store chain in Japan called Daiso just started selling prank knives for Halloween.They're called "finger slicers," and they look like a normal blade, but when you press one onto your finger, the blade retracts so it looks like it's cutting right through it. There was just one tiny little problem. The company that manufactured them accidentally mixed up their fake knives and real knives. So a whole bunch of these finger slicers could LITERALLY slice off your finger. Fortunately, there haven't been any injuries reported yet . . . and Daiso is trying to recall the ones they've sold. (Gizmodo(Here's a video.)

The WEIRD JEANS train is still going, and here's the latest. A fashion company called Asos just debuted a new product: It's just the waistband of a pair of blue jeans. And they say you're supposed to wear it like a loose hanging belt over a different pair of jeans. They're selling it for $23, even though you could EASILY make one for free using an old pair of jeans and some scissors. (Mashable (Here's a picture.)


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