"Thanks for the Ride" Shirley

Here is a picture of Shirley, who this year as in many before, picked me up in a golf cart every morning in the parking lot at the Dutchess County Fair so  I would be on time for the beginning of Raphael's Talent Search--I was always cutting it close timewise.  And then, despite my saying I could walk, she picked me up after the show every day and delivered me back to my car.  Many people enjoyed the pleasure of Shirley's company, golf cart-driving enthusiasm and skill, including many dogs who had places to be,  people to entertain and schedules to keep at the Fair.  

We had a lot of laughs, Shirley and I.  But when we said goodbye last Saturday, she said she would not be at the Fair next year.  Happy new things in her future!  I will miss you, Shirley!  All the best to you and your family.

photo Harrison Mark for Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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