This Afternoon's Odd News 8/21/18

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If your 12-year-old kid is still that same sweet, loving child who does what you tell them and actually WANTS to hang out with you, get ready for that to end right quick . . . A new survey asked a bunch of parents when their kids started REBELLING and doing their own thing. And on average, parents said it starts at age 13. That's when most parents said they started having trouble keeping tabs on their kids, and had to start GUESSING if they were up to anything dangerous or bad. But it can start even earlier than that. Almost one in ten parents said their kids started doing their own thing by age 10.  60% of parents with kids between 13 and 18 said controlling them is a lot harder than it used to be. One of the top things parents of teenagers start to worry about first is if they're eating healthy. Which then gives way to worrying about other things pretty fast. But the survey found the most common health-related arguments parents and teens have include eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking less soda, eating too many sweets, and not wanting to sit down for family dinners. (SWNS)

All the online challenges we've seen recently have been dangerous and dumb . . . like the "Hot Water Challenge."  So it's nice to see one that's KIND, instead of pointless. There's a new trend called the "Tip the Bill Challenge," where people are tipping servers 100%. So if your bill is $25, you add a $25 tip on top of it. And some people have left WAY more than that. Then you post the receipt online. So one reason it's popular is you get to BRAG about it to your friends. There are already about 2,000 posts on Instagram alone with the hashtag "TipTheBill" or "TipTheBillChallenge." (Delish)

Simone Dumont LOVES cops. Like a lot. How much? Well…for her 93rd birthday, she got arrested. Wait, what? Okay…she didn’t really get arrested, but the fine officers in Augusta, Maine decided to grant her wish…to see what it’s like to sit in the back of a police car. Turns out, she’s a big fan of the show, “Cops,” and always wondered what that’d be like. “She goes on about how the police have the worse job and what they have to deal with,” daughter Anne explains. “And she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat.” After being “released from custody,” Simone also gave officers a big hug to thank them for the “gentle” arrest. Augusta Maine Police Department


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