This Afternoon's Odd News 8/16/18

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Hipsters Are Diapering Their Pet ChickensChicken owners love pampering their feathered pets… sometimes with actual Pampers. A family of farmers from New Hampshire has launched a chicken attire company called Pampered Poultryselling diapers made for domestic chickens online. Sales are rising, too, along with the percent of households raising chickens in urban areas. The reusable, machine washable diapers strap across the chicken’s back and under their tails for when they need to “go.” “We’re part of a much bigger wave; the right idea at the right time,” says company head Julie Baker.

While most dating websites are pretty inclusive, the Beautiful People site is definitely more selective, requiring applicants to send in a photo, with existing members voting on whether they are attractive enough to be let in. This site is already pretty awful, but now they are taking things to an even more superficial extreme, and they seem pretty proud of it. The site, which over the past 15 years has rejected more than nine-million people, has now launched what they’re calling a “feedback” service, which will tell failed applicants what is wrong with their photo, and then connect them with plastic surgeons and health experts who’ll give them a discount if they want to make changes to improve their look. But if you think making these changes is going to get you on the site, don’t count on it. The site makes no guarantees, and even after changes, applicants will once again have to voted on by existing members.

Two sisters who worked as lunch ladies at schools in New Canaan, Connecticut have been accused of stealing nearly $500,000 from the cafeteria coffers. Police said that Joanne Pascarelli and her sister, Marie Wilson, would collect money from students as they bought lunch and only report a small portion of the cash while pocketing the rest. Authorities said they had been pulling off the scam for at least 15 years, but only charged them for stealing money starting in 2012.

School officials first discovered that money was missing after the district installed new software to track cash intake and noticed a major jump in the amount of money the schools were bringing in. According to the New Canaan News, "daily deposits went up to an average of $93 a day for the 2017 school year," after averaging between $18 and $33 per day over the previous three years.

The two sisters voluntarily surrendered to police and have been charged with larceny and defrauding a public community. They each posted a $50,000 bond and were released until their court dates in August.


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