This Afternoon's Odd News 8/15/18

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Doctors in the U.K. recently removed a small cyst from above a woman's eye. And inside the cyst, they found an old contact lens she lost 28 YEARS ago. (LiveScience)

The city of Paris installed a bunch of SIDEWALK URINALS to cut down on guys going in the streets. And a lot of people think it's gross. But a new survey found 46% of Americans like the idea, and another 27% are on the fence about it. (CNN / USA Today)

A heavy-set guy walked into a store near Toronto last week, and stole about $250 worth of Axe body spray. It's not clear if he planned to sell it or wear it. But he looks like a big, sweaty dude. So maybe he just needed to stock up? (CBC)

No one came to a four-year-old's birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese in New Jersey this month. So the EMPLOYEES bought him a bunch of presents and then threw him another party a week later. (Inside Edition)

Do you love cats and want to live on an island in Greece rent free? The owner of a cat sanctuary with 55 cats is looking for a new cat whisperer. (Full Story)

A wacko  in L.A. could face charges after he jumped a fence at the Los Angeles Zoo and spanked a hippo. (Full Story)

A woman in Spain tried to set fire to a hospital on Monday, because she was sick of waiting to be seen in the emergency room. (Full Story)

Never mind Russia meddling! A 71-year-old bingo caller down in Yorktown is facing fraud charges for manipulating the outcome of multiple bingo games. (Full Story)

How many books do you read a year? The most common answer in a new survey was "1 to 5." And 12% of Americans said they never read books. ONLY 12%? (Full Story) did a story on a group of scientists who are trying to figure out if putting fake eyelashes on male spiders makes them more desirable to lady spiders. (Full Story)

A new church-slash-BAR recently opened in northern California, where you're allowed to drink beer and wine during their Sunday service. (Full Story)

Adrian James is a Welsh mechanic who dresses up as his alter ego "Keel" the Rabbit in his spare time. He has spent $12,000 on six-foot rabbit suits and other merchandise. He says “I know typical mechanics don’t go home and dress up as a big furry bunny rabbit,” he says. "But it’s my favorite thing to do." (Metro)


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