This Afternoon's Odd News 8/14/18

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If you found out a friend or family member committed a crime, would you turn them in? 87% of people say they'd turn in a family member for murder . . . 74% would turn them in for dealing in narcotics. . . and 33% would rat on them for shoplifting. (YouGov)

According to a new survey, the hardest jobs include police officer, soldier, doctor, social worker, and teacher. And politician is 12th? (Daily News)

Can you learn a foreign language just by listening to a tape in your sleep? According to a new study, probably not. Even though your brain can distinguish different sounds while you're asleep, it can't really make sense of them. (Nature)

Researchers at the University of Maine have created a set of chopsticks that deliver an electric jolt to your tongue. And they say it can make food taste salty and delicious, even if there's no salt in it. (

A guy in Buffalo, New York let a woman into his house to use the bathroom on Saturday. Then she grabbed a decorative SWORD he had by the door and used it to steal his wallet. (Buffalo News)

A 27-year-old guy was caught shoplifting from a Walmart in southern California last week and got away. But then he got arrested after he went back to grab his BIBLE he left behind. (Times Record News)

Two teachers in Florida recently donated kidneys and ended up saving EIGHT lives. They both wanted to donate to a friend. Then one did a "chain" donation, where they donated to someone else, and their friend got a kidney in return. That saved four lives. Then the other teacher was so inspired by it, she donated to a total stranger, which started another chain donation. And four more people got transplants. (Today)

A new study found the blue light from our phones might be affecting the cells in our eyes, and could cause vision problems or even blindness. (Full Story)

A woman in Slovakia has finally been arrested after annoying her neighbors by blasting the same four-minute opera song all day, every day for 16 YEARS. (Full Story)


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