This Afternoon's Odd News 8/13/18

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57% of hiring managers have rejected someone for a job because of something they found on their social media. The top things that can ruin your chances are inappropriate photos or videos, posts about drinking or drugs, and posts that include bigoted comments about race, gender, or religion. (Career Builder)

Here are the genres of music that are the most attractive in online dating. For men, it's country music . . . for women, it's classic rock. (Plenty Of Fish)

Here's something to worry about for the rest of the summer: INTOXICATED, ANGRY WASPS. At this time of year, wasps go hunting for rotting, fermented fruit, which gets them loopy and angry . . . and it makes them more likely to sting you. (Popular Mechanics)

A guy in Germany called the cops last Thursday while being "stalked" by a wild animal. But it turned out it was just a BABY SQUIRREL that eventually ran out of energy . . . fell asleep . . . and the cops took it to an animal rescue center. (Mirror / Guardian)

A woman in Texas was arrested in February, and her makeup looks great in her mugshot. Someone tweeted it a few weeks ago, it went viral . . . and now people are bombarding her with requests for makeup tips. So, of course, she's starting an Instagram account and YouTube channel. (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

An animal shelter in Virginia recently created a bucket list for a 10-year-old dog with terminal cancer. And the biggest item on it just got crossed off. He got a FOREVER HOME after someone decided to adopt him. (WTOP / People)

Well this is just plain mean. People are pranking complete strangers at the airport, by putting stickers on the walls that look like power outlets. (Full Story)

A theme park in France is now using specially trained crows to pick up litter. (Full Story)

Today is International Lefthanders Day.  The holiday was first observed in 1976 to promote awareness of inconveniences that left-handed people face.  It also promotes the advantages they have.  Only around 10% percent of humans are lefties. (Full Story)


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