Throwback Thursday - Back to the 80s For This One

Posing here with me is the handsome, always charming Rich Ball.  Boy did we ever have fun and a ton of laughs back then.  And notice the studio!  I used to polish the control board every week--to make it last--(and make it look nice)--computers in the studio weren't even on our distant radar then.  We used turntables, two cassette decks, four cartridge tape players, a reel-to-reel tape recorder and one CD player.  That's alotta buttons, levers, knobs and flashing lights, oh my.   The technological advances we enjoy now are amazing and so helpful and versatile, but they lack the mystique and adventure of riding all those controls and never knowing when something was going to go south.  Not for the weak of heart. 

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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