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A new study found online daters usually go after people who are 25% "more desirable" than themselves. But believe it or not, that strategy CAN eventually work . . . if you're okay with a lot of rejection along the way. (CNN)

People are using their vacation days again. According to a new study, Americans used an average of 17.2 vacation days last year. That's the most since 2010. (Project Time Off(Here are the results for every state.)

The Arizona Cardinals just announced a new burger at their stadium for this upcoming NFL season. It's $75 and has five patties, five hot dogs, five bratwursts, 20 slices of cheese, eight slices of bacon, and eight chicken tenders. And if you finish it in under an hour, you get a free jersey …and a phone to call 9-1-1 ( I may have thrown that in there…) (CBS Sports) (Here's a picture.)

A woman in Louisiana just went viral for selling teddy bears made out of RAW CHICKEN. You could even cook them and eat them. But now that her chicken bears have gotten famous, she pulled down the listing. (Yahoo

A woman in Florida accused a guy of eating her Chinese leftovers last week . . . and even though he swore he didn't do it, she threw a KNIFE at him. Fortunately, she missed . . . and she was arrested for aggravated battery. (Miami Herald

A woman near Orlando tried to get away from the cops on Monday by running into an open field. But she didn't get far, and eventually got arrested . . . after being chased around by a bunch of angry cows. (WKMG / Fox News)

A kid in Alabama got stuck in a rip tide the other day. But luckily, a guy who happens to be in the Coast Guard had just gotten married on the beach. So he jumped in with his dress pants on and saved the kid's life. (Fox10 / NOLA)

Sometimes it’s questionable whether you should get your beauty tips from the internet. The latest strange beauty trend circulating online has been eyebrow wigs. That’s right, there’s now a cure for over-plucking your brows that entails attaching a wig of real human hair designed to imitate eyebrows.

A college-bound freshman from Georgia, is the first person in her family to go to college. Her mother is on disability and money is tight, so she decided to ask for God’s help by writing a note asking, “God please help me get the rest of my stuff for college. Amen, I love you God,” along with her name and phone number. Then she sent the note off into the skies attached to some helium balloons. And it worked! A Baptist minister found the balloons and he has already delivered a comforter and a mini fridge for her dorm room. “God answers prayers,” he told her. CNN

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