This Afternoon's Odd News 8/8/18

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Today is World Cat Day. But according to a new survey, only 14% of people say they're a CAT PERSON. 46% say they're a dog person, and 35% say they're both. (National Today)

Here are some of the strangest things that sleep deprived parents have done, according to a new survey: Poured baby formula into their coffee . . . took a shower fully clothed . . . and left the house totally or partially sans clothes. (New York Post)

Bad news, happy people. According to a new study, being optimistic can be BAD for your health. It's because positive people aren't as good at coping when something bad happens, so they get flooded with the stress hormone cortisol, and that can take a serious health toll. (The Sun)

Selfridges department store in London ALREADY has their Christmas stuff up . . . more than 140 days before December 25th. They say it's because all of the overseas tourists they're getting right now are DEMANDING it. (CNBC)

In 2016, a woman from Oregon named Tammy Griffin needed a heart-and-lung transplant, even though her own heart was healthy. So when the surgery happened, she donated HER heart to a woman in northern California. And now when they get together, she can listen to her own heart beating in someone else's chest. (Desert News / Stanford)

A new study found that putting calorie counts on menus DOES make people lose weight . . . but only about one pound every three years. (Full Story)

I really don't need my lazy cousin doling out life lessons. But a new study found giving other people advice can help motivate you to stop being lazy and achieve your own goals. (Full Story)

Cops in Myrtle Beach are looking for a guy who broke into a woman's home on Monday and stole her phone, plus one corndog. (Full Story)

Some guy jumped out of a walk-in freezer at a restaurant in New York this week . . . then threatened people with a knife . . . and promptly DIED of an apparent heart attack. Turns out he was a suspected MURDERER who'd just gotten out of prison. So the Associated Press went with this headline: Quote, "Man who jumped out of freezer and died was cold-case suspect." (Full Story)


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