This Afternoon's Odd News 8/7/18

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Nike and General Mills just released three new limited-edition basketball shoes based on CEREALS. The shoes are inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . . Lucky Charms . . . and Kix. They go on sale online on Saturday. (The Source) 

There's a guy in London who's upset because he started working for British Airways but got fired . . . because of his MAN BUN. The company told him it didn't fit their uniform policy, but he's not getting rid of it . . . so he's out of the job. (BBC)

When IHOP temporarily changed their name to IHOB in June as a marketing stunt to promote their new line of burgers, it WORKED. It led to 20,000 news articles . . . and their burger sales QUADRUPLED. (Extra Crispy)

Only 34% of people think they check their phone too much, according to a new survey. 50% of people say they look at it the right amount . . . and 8% of people think they aren't looking at it ENOUGH. (YouGov)

There's a woman in Illinois named Liberty Bell who can't stop getting thrown in jail. She was arrested in March after she got locked out of a car that turned out to be stolen. Then she got arrested in June for stealing a March of Dimes donation jar. And now she's been arrested again for beating up her public defender. (The Smoking Gun / Belleville News-Democrat)

A guy in Washington was speeding last month and fled from a cop who tried to pull him over. He ran into a bar, and swore he wasn't driving . . . but when the cop called his cell phone number, his phone IN THE CAR started ringing. And his ringtone was . . . the theme song to the TV show "COPS". He was arrested. (NBC 6 - Spokane)

A new survey compared non-pet owners to people who have at least one cat or dog. And the ones with pets were more likely to be married, have kids, volunteer, exercise, and have a job they enjoy. (Metro)

A guy in China recently had to be rescued after he drove his Land Rover into a river . . . because he wanted to save $3 on a car wash. (Full Story)

A woman in New Jersey was on a conference call for work last week when she won a $288,000 jackpot playing online slots. (Full Story)

A woman in Brooklyn got into a brawl with a salon worker last week over a botched eyebrow job. And they both got arrested. (Full Story)

Good News: A 15-year-old 4-H kid in Wisconsin decided to auction off his pig to raise money for cancer research last month. Then the person who bought it donated it back to be auctioned off again . . . and so did the next person who bought it. So he ended up raising over ten grand. (Full Story)

A 21-year-old woman in Texas who plans to work with animals just took her college graduation photos while standing in the water with a 14-foot alligator. (Full Story)


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