This Afternoon's Odd News 8/3/18

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Apple became America's first TRILLION-DOLLAR company yesterday when their stock passed $207.05. And if you'd invested $10,000 in Apple back when the Mac came out in 1984, it'd be worth $3.8 million today. (CNN Money / Time)

A sunflower farm in Ontario, Canada opened up to people who wanted to take Instagram photos a few weeks ago. Their sunflower fields really are amazing settings for photos, and people started flocking there for pictures. But they wound up causing so much mass destruction and CHAOS that the farm had to ban all visitors. (Uproxx)

A guy in Minnesota was busted for doing 99 miles-per-hour last month. And his excuse was . . . he was, quote, "trying to make it to Taco Bell before it closed." (Twin Cities Pioneer Press)

Some burglars broke into a house in Indianapolis earlier this week, but they ran away empty-handed when they got scared off . . . by the family's PET PIG. The cops are trying to track down the thieves. (FOX 59 - Indianapolis)

A video of a 20-year-old grocery store worker in Baton Rouge letting an autistic kid help him stock shelves went viral this week. Now the kid's family has raised over $90,000 online to help put the guy through college. (Full Story)

A teenager recently got arrested at an airport in Arkansas after he snuck into the cockpit of a twin-engine jet, and planned to fly it to another state so he could go see a concert. He told police he thought he'd just have to hit a few buttons. (WAFB(Here are the videos.)

Things got a little hairy at a New Delhi wig workshop in India when three customers robbed them of 500 pounds of wigs and hair at gunpoint. The wig-maker says that he had borrowed almost $20,000 to buy hair wholesale the month before, explaining that wigs are expensive to make although they’re cheap to buy.

Don’t you love how movies bring people together? Courtney and Billy McMillion took their shared “Jurassic Park” obsession to the next level by making it the theme of their wedding. The couple arrived to the ceremony in a “Jurassic Park”-themed jeep, and Courtney even walked down the aisle to the film’s theme music.

Louise Jean Signore is 106-Years-Young and still dances like she was in 1940s Manhattan. The key to staying so youthful? Yeah, you could exercise… but according to her, you should also ride solo. “I’m single. I think that’s one of my longevity secrets,” she says.

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