This Afternoon's Odd News 8/2/18

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Scientists finally have a really good theory for why so many boats have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. They say it's in the perfect position to get "rogue waves" . . . which are deadly 100-foot waves that come and go in just a few minutes. (Fox News)

7% of people have lied to get out of jury duty, according to a new survey. But there's a big gender split in there: 10% of men say they've lied versus just 4% of women. (YouGov)

Two thieves in Sweden pulled off a heist straight out of a James Bond film on Tuesday afternoon: They stole some priceless gold crowns from a cathedral . . . and then they got away on a speedboat. The police and Interpol are trying to track them down. (The Local) 

Two men in their 70s got into a fist fight at a Costco in South Carolina on Sunday . . . after one of them cut the line to get free samples. The cops came, but they wound up not making any arrests. (The State)

A guy in Ohio broke a car window in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday to save two dogs inside. But the cops found the dogs had only been in there for eight minutes . . . so they cited the guy for criminal damage. (NBC 3 - Cleveland / Humane Society)

A guy in North Carolina bought his wife a $20 lottery ticket for her birthday on Sunday. Which isn't very romantic, and she didn't win anything. But he also bought one for himself, won a HUNDRED GRAND, and says he's spending it on her. (NC Lottery)

A 38-year-old "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" super-fan in England has realized his childhood dream . . . by turning his house into a turtle sanctuary, and caring for over 1,000 of them. (Full Story)

A 23-year-old burglar in Iowa was arrested last week after falling through the ceiling of a convenience store. And the story he gave the cops was . . . he was just up on the roof looking for rocks. (???) (Full Story)

Good News: A woman in Houston recently invited 30 kids to her son's birthday party, and only ONE of them showed up. So she wrote in to a local radio show about it. Then a group called "Cosplay for Charity" heard the story . . . decided to throw him another party . . . and came dressed up as superheroes. (Full Story)

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