This Afternoon's Odd News 8/1/18

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You know how the song goes: "I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way..." Apparently, that includes where apples come from. A new poll has revealed that about a fifth of British children don’t know that apples come from trees. Mirror

The top back-to-school expense for parents is still new clothes, but electronics are a close second this year. The average parent will spend $189 on new clothes for their kids, and $186 on gadgets. (RetailMeNot)

Believe it or not, some parents have started hiring VIDEO GAME TUTORS to help their kids. They say it helps their kids' social lives when they get better at the games . . . plus with the rise of e-sports, if a kid gets good enough, maybe they can go pro and make real money. (Wall Street Journal)

You can now vacation on a women’s-only island. No men are allowed on SuperShe Island, off the coast of Finland. As the name suggests, it’s a women only island, with four renovated cabins, that can accommodate about 10 women, along with spa amenities and Finnish saunas, but no alcohol. USA Today

Airlines are doing a much better job at not losing your bags . . . the rate of lost luggage is down 27% since 2012. And believe it or not, the airline that does the best job is SPIRIT. (Luggage Hero and Here are the lost bag rates for every airline.)

Here's a new term to describe something that's almost DEFINITELY happened to you . . . and made you FURIOUS. It's "R-bombing." "R" stands for "read." And it describes that moment when you send an important text . . . you see the notification in the window that the other person read it . . . but they don't respond. (New York Post)

A guy in New Jersey tried to ROB a bank last week . . . but right after he passed the teller a robbery note, he changed his mind, snatched it back, and said he wanted to open an account. The teller still alerted the police, but the guy ran away before they got there. (Jersey Journal)

Someone broke into a house in Ohio on Monday, but they only stole a radio . . . and then, for some reason, they spent the rest of their time rearranging the taxidermied animals inside. The cops are trying to track down the thieves-slash-amateur decorators. (NBC 4 - Columbus) 

There's a guy in Pittsburgh who works three jobs. And he recently started working seven days a week, just so he could buy his daughter the $200 dress she wanted for her 8th grade formal. Now a video of him surprising her with it is all over social media. (ABC News and Here's the video.)

A guy in Thailand recently faked his own death, so his mom and other relatives would send his wife money to buy a coffin. He fleeced them for about $600 before they figured out it was a scam. (Full Story)

A school district in South Carolina is replacing snow days with “eLearning Days” where teachers send parents digital assignments that kids will have to complete from home. If there’s something keeping kids from connecting to the Internet during those days, they’ll still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time. CBS News

Here's the most important scientific study of the week: What would happen if the entire planet was suddenly turned into a giant ball of blueberries? (???) Yes, someone actually did a scientific paper on it. And the answer is . . . total chaos. (Full Story)


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