This Afternoon's Odd News 7/31/18

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How hot does it have to get before you start cranking the A/C? A new survey found 40% of us turn it on before it hits 80 outside . . . including 3% who run their A/C when the temperature's in the mid-60s. (Full Story)

Two-thirds of people in a new survey say taking the elevator if you're just going up one floor is socially unacceptable. Only 11% said it's okay. 14% said two floors is the minimum . . . and the most popular answer was three floors, with 22% of the vote. (Full Story)

Natural Light Beer is holding a contest right now where anyone can submit their resume . . . and if they pick you, they'll paint your resume on the side of a car that will run in a NASCAR race in September. (BroBible

A car in Pennsylvania caught on fire last week from an exploding FIDGET SPINNER. The spinner had a Bluetooth speaker, and the people were charging it in the car when something malfunctioned. Fortunately no one was hurt. (ABC News

The cops in India were giving safe drivers FLOWERS last week, and they gave a rose to a guy who was wearing a helmet on his bike. But his wife didn't believe THAT'S where he got it from . . . they got into a huge fight . . . and he had to go to the police station to get a photo proving they'd given him the rose. (UC News

Three thieves stole a small SHARK from an aquarium in Texas on Saturday by swaddling it in a blanket and pushing it out in a stroller. It has since been returned and at least two of the three suspects will be charged. (Deadspin) (Yahoo) 

A video of an 18-year-old pizza guy in Michigan playing a customer's piano is going viral, because he's great. It turns out he's self-taught, and wasn't planning to pursue a career in music. But now he might, because the response online has been so amazing. (WXYZ(Here's the video.)

Two PILOTS got into a physical altercation over a food tray during an Iraqi Airways flight last Wednesday, and had to be separated by an air marshal. They were cruising at about 37,000 feet when it happened. (Full Story)

Some guy in a Porsche drove onto a jogging path in New York the other day to get around traffic . . . and crashed into a building. (Full Story)


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