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A new survey found 52% of men have forgotten their wife or girlfriend's birthday before. That's compared to just 24% of women who've done the same. But when guys remember, they at least spend more . . . $164, compared to $117. (SWNS)

There's a guy in Alberta, Canada who recently legally changed his gender to female . . . so he could save about $840-a-year on car insurance. And in Alberta, all that it takes to legally change your gender is a doctor's note. (Calgary Sun)

Cowboy boot sandals are now a real thing. A guy in Missouri created them and he's selling them for $150-a-pair at (CW 33 - Dallas

A retired Marine in northern California pulled a guy out of his burning house the other day, and saved his American flag too. And he's also used his trailer to save DOZENS of horses from the massive wildfire that's still raging there. (Huffington Post / ABC7)

A writer talked to a bunch of people who are bad tippers and PROUD of it. And their excuses were all pretty flimsy. But the stand-out is a woman who said she doesn't tip much, because everyone ELSE tips a lot. So it all balances out. (Full Story)

A 74-year-old guy in North Carolina needed help at a Verizon store last Thursday, but they were closed. So he drove his car through the front of the building. (Full Story)

A group of prisoners in Idaho hacked into a payment system to add money to their accounts. One inmate even deposited 10 thousand dollars into his own account before getting caught. The prison's spokesman says taxpayer dollars were not involved. (Associated Press)

Recognizing someone’s face is hard enough as it is for humans, but even robots can’t get it right 100% of the time. New tests by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that facial recognition software by Amazon has falsely marked 28 members of Congress as criminals. (The Verge)

Over in England, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals got a call from a woman who was panicking after waking up to find a three-foot snake snuggling next to her in bed. By the time officers arrived, the snake had made a sneaky escape. No one knows how the snake got there in the first place, but it certainly gave the woman the “fright of her life.”

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