This Afternoon's Odd News 7/27/18

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The average parent has 2,184 arguments with their kids every year. And the most common thing we argue with them about is cleaning their plate. (SWNS Digital)

An ice cream parlor in Scotland just started selling MAYONNAISE ICE CREAM. And surprisingly, about two-thirds of people said they'd be willing to try it. (Delish) 

When people kiss up to their bosses, they do WORSE at work, according to a new study. Researchers found all the sucking up drains your energy, so you start wasting more time and missing deadlines. (Eurekalert)

Sunday is National Lipstick Day, and a new survey found the most attractive lipstick colors. Red and hot pink are the top two . . . and green is the least attractive. (National Today)

A 17-year-old guy broke into a house in California on Sunday and woke up the couple inside . . . to ask for their Wi-Fi password. They chased him away and he was arrested for burglary. (Ars Technica)

A guy in Arizona was released from the hospital for a heat-related issue on Tuesday . . . but it was over 109 outside, and he didn't want to walk home. So . . . he stole an ambulance. He was arrested for unlawful use of transportation. (ABC 15 - Phoenix) 

A 25-year-old guy in Maryland was arrested after cops saw him trying to break into parked cars last Thursday. And he tried to bribe them by telling them he worked at Krispy Kreme, and he'd get them all free donuts. (Frederick News-Post)

A woman in Georgia gave birth to a baby boy at a Six Flags waterpark on Monday. Now Six Flags is saying congrats by giving them both free visits for LIFE. (Fox5Atlanta / Newsweek / Fox News)

Wendy's and Steak 'N Shake got into it on Twitter this week and started trading insults. And the best part might be the commentary from OTHER fast food joints. (Full Story)

Would you prefer this over a phone call? Apparently it's more and more common for companies to do initial job interviews via text. (Full Story)

A repo guy in Lincoln, Nebraska showed up to take a woman's tires and rims back this week. And while he was doing it, she ran him over. (Full Story)

A 28-year-old in Australia recently quit her job to be a housewife, which is fine. But this part's kinda weird: She also got rid of her entire wardrobe . . . and only wears clothes from the 1950's now. She says it's her choice though, not her husband's. (Full Story)

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