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More than one in four people say they cut in lines, according to a new survey. And the most common strategy is spotting a gap in the line and hopping right in by pretending they thought that was the end. (The Independent)

According to a new study, researchers found that when dogs heard their owners crying, the dogs would do whatever it took to push through a door to help them. That's right: Your dog would run through a wall for you. (Eurekalert)

People say that the Boston accent is the STRONGEST American accent, according to a new survey. And they say the Southern accent is the most attractive. (YouGov)

There's a woman who just posted on a parenting website about a problem: She gave her daughter the name Esmee (ez-may) because she thought it was unique . . . but now her daughter's four, and she's seeing the name everywhere. So she's considering CHANGING her daughter's name to something else. (

There's a new scam where hackers blackmail you by saying they got into your webcam and recorded you watching naughty stuff . . . and they even include one of your real passwords as proof. Fortunately, it's all a lie . . . they probably just got the password from a site like Yahoo that's been hacked over the past few years. (Business Insider)

A woman in Massachusetts was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Saturday. And when the cops called a tow truck company to come get her car . . . the tow truck driver was ALSO drunk, so he was also arrested. (Cape Cod Times)

A man in California keeps getting arrested for stuff he didn't do, because he has the same name and birthday as a wanted criminal. And last Friday, he finally got sick of it and resisted arrest. So now he's facing his own felony charge.  (ABC7)

A guy went into a Planet Fitness gym in New Hampshire on Sunday . . . and he took off all his clothes and started doing yoga. When the cops came, he said he thought it was okay because of the gym's slogan that it's a "judgment-free zone." He was arrested for indecent exposure. (New Hampshire Union Leader

There's a video going viral of a cop outside a gas station in Florida, helping a homeless guy use an electric shaver to shave his face. Turns out it was for a job interview nearby. And it sounds like he got the job. (CNN / Newsweek(Here's the video.)

A guy in Washington state tried to hide from the cops the other day by cramming himself into a tiny dryer. And there's a photo of them finding him. (Full Story)

A woman in Nebraska got pulled over for going 92 in a 75 mile-per-hour zone on Saturday . . . then immediately got pulled over again after hitting 140 miles an hour. (Full Story)

 It turns out the perfect job does exist! Well, if you like goats. Hux Family Farm, a small farm in North Carolina, is looking to hire people to cuddle their adorable baby goatsYou see, they raise therapeutic animals for things like "goat yoga" and "goat meditation." Want in? Visit the website, or drop an e-mail to

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