This Afternoon's Odd News 7/24/18

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Today is National Tequila Day. And a new survey about margaritas in honor of this holiday found that 76% of Americans like margaritas . . . 24% have trouble stopping at just one . . . and only 4% of people have never tried one. (National Today)

45% of workers say their current job has made them gain weight. The top reasons are sitting at a desk all day . . . being too tired to exercise . . . stress eating . . . no TIME to exercise . . . and dipping into the office candy jar. (CareerBuilder)

Here are some of the CRAZIEST names that multiple parents decided to give their kids last year: There were 141 babies named Tesla . . . 51 named Isis . . . 18 named Espn . . . 11 named Arson . . . and six named Abcde. (Huffington Post)

Here's something weird with Google Translate. If you type the word "dog" 18 times and set the translation from Maori to English, the site spits out a prophecy about the apocalypse. Google swears it's just a random glitch. (The Independent)

A town in Switzerland just replaced its church bells with RINGTONES. And the bells are going to keep playing famous ringtones once an hour until the end of the month. (BBC)

An apartment complex in Tennessee posted an eviction notice last week that said, quote, "Guess who's moving? YOU!!!" along with big picture of a smiling emoji. But the other people in the building think it was over-the-top. (CBS 8 - Knoxville) 

A guy in Ohio was running late for a flight back in October, so he called in a bomb threat. He wound up on another flight less than two hours later, so it wasn't really worth it . . . and he was just sentenced to four months in prison. (Dayton Daily News)

An 18-year-old college student in England recently attached more than 40 uplifting notes to the side of a bridge, because it's a suicide hot spot. And according to the local police, the notes have already helped save six lives. (Fox News)

After being forbidden from using the restroom on a Wizz Air flight (yes, that's a real airline) passenger took the name of the airline literally and acted accordingly right there on the spot (Metro)


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