This Afternoon's Odd News 7/23/18

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An ancient sarcophagus with three mummies inside was just discovered and opened in Egypt. And now there's a petition online from people who want to drink the red sewage water inside . . . because they hope it will help them assume the mummies' powers. (Mashable) 

If you're next to someone on a plane who smells TERRIBLE, what would you do? According to a new survey, most people would try to move . . . 38% would just sit there and deal with it . . . and only 5% would be confrontational about it. (PR Newswire)

Being in a bad mood is actually GOOD for your productivity, according to a new study. When people are unhappy, it helps them focus, manage their time, and prioritize. (Science Alert)

Here's something to watch out for when you're interviewing for a job. Apparently, more and more companies are now asking people to submit ideas for what they'd do if they were hired . . . then the companies steal their ideas and don't give them the job. (New York Post)

If you vomit in an Uber, you'll get hit with an extra charge of up to $150. So the newest scam drivers are pulling is "vomit fraud" . . . where they claim you threw up, even if you didn't. And if it happens to you, it'll take a long appeals process with Uber to try to get your money back. (Miami Herald)

It turns out you really WERE moving the thing on the Ouija board. A new study hooked eye trackers to people using a Ouija board, and the researchers found that, yeah, everyone was pushing it a little bit. (Jezebel)

What's the age when your parents stop taking care of you and you start taking care of them? According to a new study, the answer is . . . 49. (Daily Mail)

A guy got pulled over in California last week for going 99 miles-an-hour in a 65. So he told the cop maybe he was actually looking at the TEMPERATURE, not the radar speed. But eventually he gave up and signed his citation. (UPI) 

A 47-year-old guy in Iowa named King Kong Choul was arrested earlier this month after he walked up to a group of kids and threatened to EAT them. (Pilot Tribune / ClickOnDetroit)

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