This Afternoon's Odd News 7/19/18

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Your earliest childhood memories might be FAKE. According to a new study, for about 40% of us, we don't actually remember things from our early childhood . . . we've just pieced together fake memories from pictures and stories. (Daily Mail)

A study is claiming that eating too many cured meat products like hot dogs and bacon could make you develop MANIA, namely heightened mood and energy that usually happens to people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. On the bright side, if you just have them occasionally, the researchers say you should be okay. (Newsweek)

A new survey found the average person starts openly PASSING GAS in front of their partner after nine months of dating. We wait 5 to 8 months to kiss them with morning breath . . . about a year before we'll go to the bathroom with the door open . . . and about 12 to 18 months before we stop working out and let our bodies go. (

A website posted a 21-year-old intern's "money diary" about living in New York City on $25-an-hour. But it turns out she survives thanks to her parents paying her rent, insurance, phone . . . and giving her a $1,100-a-month allowance. So now, everyone's mocking the obliviousness on Twitter. (Refinery29 / Marketwatch)

A guy in Memphis STOLE his date's car on Saturday night. And then . . . he used it to take another girl on a date. The cops used GPS to track it and they arrested him for theft. (CBS 3 - Memphis) 

A guy in Louisiana called 911 on Monday to ask if he had any warrants. He didn't . . . but the cops arrested him for misuse of 911. (ABC 26 - New Orleans) 

A teacher on a flight from Chicago to Florida was talking to another passenger last Tuesday, about how she sometimes spends her own money on supplies for underprivileged kids. Then a guy sitting behind her gave her $500, and told her to do "something amazing" with it. And two other passengers gave her cash too. (WUSA / Facebook)

A group of thieves in Australia stole a bunch of surveillance equipment from a business last month, but didn't realize the cameras kept recording. So police got clear shots of where they went, plus footage of them doing illegal activities. (Full Story)

Good News Update: The guy who wanted to mow lawns for free in all 50 states this summer finished up in Hawaii this week. And he's already planning a new challenge for next year . . . to mow lawns on all seven continents. (Full Story)


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