This Afternoon's Odd News 7/17/18

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A new study found the best times to go to sleep and wake up to make yourself LOOK GOOD. The best bedtime is 9:45 P.M. . . . and the best time to wake up is 6:55 A.M. So yeah, that means it takes over nine hours of sleep to look your best. (RSVP Live)

A new study found the most popular lottery numbers in the world. The five lucky numbers that people play the most are: 11 . . . 7 . . . 17 . . . 27 . . . and 19. (iNews)

Some firefighters in northern California were putting out a brush fire on Saturday afternoon when a couple stole their TRUCK. The cops finally caught them after a TWO-HOUR chase, and they were both arrested on several charges. (NBC 3 - Sacramento

Cops in Utah pulled a guy over on Saturday, and it turned out he was on a stolen motorcycle. So he took off . . . but they didn't chase him. One of the cops recognized the guy, so they just went to his house to wait instead. And when he got home about an hour later, they arrested him. (FOX 13 - Salt Lake City

Earlier this month, a service dog in Georgia led its owner into some woods where they found a box with seven KITTENS inside. Apparently someone abandoned them there. But they found them in time, and all seven survived. (LAD Bible)

Get ready for flying taxis in the near future:  Car company Rolls Royce has plans to create flying taxis in the near future.  Rolls claims its EVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) concept vehicle can carry up to five people at speeds of up to 250 mph for up to 500 miles.  It hopes to be possible in the next five to ten years. (Full Story)


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