This Afternoon's Odd News 7/16/18

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You'll spend an average of $143,280 in your lifetime to TREAT YOURSELF, according to a new study. That's based on you spending $199 per month on stuff for 60 years. (New York Post)

Here's the latest in WEIRD JEANS. A company just released upside-down jeans . . . the belt loops, pockets, and fly are all by your ankles. But they also have a fly and button in the normal spot around your waist . . . so they're just confusing. And they cost $495. (Huffington Post) 

MIDDLE CHILDREN are going extinct . . . and it's because no one wants to, or can afford to, have three or more kids nowadays. Back in the late 1970s, 59% of mothers had three or more kids. Today that's down to 32% . . . and dropping. (USA Today)

Two Blockbuster locations in Alaska that were still alive just announced they're closing by the end of next month. So that will leave only ONE Blockbuster standing in the entire country . . . in Bend, Oregon. (Quartz)

A guy in New Hampshire hid in the ceiling of a grocery store last Thursday, because he saw some cops and thought they were looking for him. Turns out they were investigating a bank robbery nearby, and he had nothing to do with it. But he fell through the ceiling and got arrested. (WMUR)

A new study found that drinking chocolate milk during or after a strenuous workout can help you recover better than Gatorade. (Yahoo)

If you are willing to relocate a mattress company in Houston is looking to hire an intern to test out different mattresses and blog about it. You just have to be over 18, and, quote, "proficient in napping, regardless of time of day." (Full Story)

The oxygen masks on a flight out of Hong Kong dropped down last Tuesday after the oxygen levels in the cabin got too low. Turns out the co-pilot was smoking an e-cigarette . . . tried to turn off a fan so people wouldn't see smoke coming from the cockpit . . . and accidentally turned off the air conditioning instead. (Full Story)

A would-be bank robber’s choice of apparel ruined his plans. The guy approached a Florida bank wearing a long sleeve flannel shirt and a ski mask on. It was in the 90s and a camera outside the bank caught him on tape. Vigilant bank employees locked the doors and he was arrested shortly after. (Full Story)


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