This Afternoon's Odd News 7/13/18

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Today is National French Fry Day. The average American eats about 20 to 30 POUNDS of fries every year, which means we have a medium-sized serving of fries approximately every three to five days. (National Today)

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday. And according to a new survey, 40% of people have eaten an entire pint in one sitting . . . 9% have cried while they were eating ice cream . . . and 7% of people have canceled plans to stay home and eat it. (National Today)

24/7 Wall Street ranked the 50 biggest product FLOPS of all time, and Google Glass is #1. The top 10 also include Burger King's "Satisfries" in 2013 . . . New Coke in 1985 . . . and the Windows Vista operating system in 2007. (24/7 Wall St(Check out the full Top 50 list here. 24/7 Wall Street actually posted the same list last year, but it didn't get a ton of buzz for some reason.)

Yesterday, Build-a-Bear Workshop ran a special sale where kids could get a bear for the price of their AGE. But SO MANY people showed up at their locations around the country – including here at the Poughkeepsie Galleria - that things started descending into, quote, "madness" . . . and they had to shut down the promotion before the afternoon. (USA Today)

A woman in Nova Scotia, Canada and her nephew won $930,000 in a local lottery raffle on Wednesday. But now she says she's going to sue him for his half because she only wrote his name on the ticket for luck and she never promised she'd split the jackpot with him. (CTV) 

A column in the "San Diego Union-Tribune" newspaper on Wednesday called dogs "parasites" . . . based on a theory that they only pretend they like us to get food. And it's safe to say that pretty much all of the responses on Twitter have STRONGLY and ANGRILY disagreed. (San Diego Union-Tribune / Twitter / Daily Dot)

A 41-year-old guy near L.A. caused two car crashes on Wednesday. Then he ran into a nearby business . . . grabbed an employee . . . forced him outside . . . and tried to turn HIM in for it. He told the cops, "Here, I caught the driver of that car for you." But it didn't work. And now he's also facing kidnapping charges because of it. (KTLA)

The workers at a Golden Corral in North Carolina noticed that their vents weren't working on Tuesday . . . and it turned out to be a BURGLAR who'd gotten stuck inside of them. The fire department rescued him, and he was arrested for felony breaking and entering. (FOX 8 - High Point) 

A guy near Tampa had a massive heart attack last weekend while laying a bunch of sod in his front yard. But first responders saved his life . . . got him to a hospital . . . and then went back and finished the job for him. (WFLA)

Here's a good one for Friday the 13th: A new survey found 24% of Americans carry a lucky charm around with them, including 7% who ALWAYS do. (Full Story)

A woman in Georgia left her car's windows down on Tuesday, because it was so hot. And when she got back, there was a BEAR inside. (Full Story)

Some guy in Massachusetts recently had a gut feeling about some lottery numbers. So he used the same set of numbers on nine different tickets . . . and won nine jackpots worth $100,000 each. (Full Story)

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