This Afternoon's Odd News 7/12/18

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When it's really hot outside, it makes people DUMBER, according to a new study. The researchers found when there's a heat wave, students get lower scores on tests than they do when the weather's nicer. (Full Story)

When it's this hot out, some people store their cash in their SOCKS or their BRA. There are pictures circulating on social media of different businesses' signs refusing money covered in sweat . . . but since cash is cash, should they still have to take it? (The Sun(Here are some of the signs.)

Every portion of vegetables you add to your plate lowers your stress levels by 5%, according to a new study. So if you're eating five or six servings a day, you'll feel a lot better. (Daily Mail)

A married couple in Turkey was having problems earlier this year after the husband got a DOG. And his wife gave him an ultimatum: It's me or the dog. He went with the dog . . . so they're getting divorced. (Hurriyet Daily News)

A guy way up in Pulaski, New York was asleep a few weeks ago when a six-foot BOA CONSTRICTOR fell through his ceiling and landed on him. Turns out it belonged to his upstairs neighbor . . . and fortunately, both the guy and the snake are okay. ( 

A scammer overseas stole someone's identity in New Hampshire in March, then ordered a laptop to their local UPS location. He needed someone to ship it to him, so he posted an ad, and a woman responded. But she wound up just keeping the laptop herself . . . and she was just arrested for theft for scamming the scammer. (New Hampshire Union Leader) 

There's a woman in Canada who hit the lottery in 2013, and won a thousand dollars a week for life. But instead of spending it on herself, she started a charity. And she's spent the last five years giving it all away. (BBC / Journal de Montreal(Here's the interview.)

A 24-year-old tourist from the U.S. found an unexploded World War Two shell while hiking in Austria recently. And she got fined $5,000 after she brought it to the AIRPORT and tried to bring it home as a souvenir. (Full Story)

Sometimes lottery lightning CAN strike twice. A Montana woman won $2,000 in a scratch-off. That same night she bought three more tickets and won $75K! She plans to use the money to pay off bills and towards becoming a personal trainer and pilot Montana Lottery


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