This Afternoon's Odd News 7/10/18

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A new study found the top sign that someone's rich, and it is . . . they own an iPhone. Back in the same study in 1992, the top sign was . . . they used Grey Poupon mustard. (Gizmodo)

A new survey asked people the number one reason why they'd leave their job. And "for more money" got almost four times more votes than the runners-up, which are things like "for a company with a better mission" and "I don't feel appreciated." (PR Newswire)

Apparently the key to having a much better life is as simple as playing music at home, according to a new survey. People who play music at home have over three hours of extra family time a week . . . they're 87% happier . . . and they have 67% more romance. (Slipped Disc)

A scientist in Australia just found evidence of the oldest biological color pigment in the history of the world . . . a color that developed from microscopic organisms approximately 1.1 BILLION years ago. And that color is . . . bright pink. (The Guardian) 

Yesterday, I told you about a study that found wearing a TIE cuts the blood flow to your brain by 8%. Well ladies, your bra could be giving you headaches, according to a different study. If you're one of the 78% of women in the world wearing the wrong size bra, it can add stress to your shoulders, and that can lead to headaches . . . plus back and neck pain. (New York Post)

There's a startup that's come up with a new way for doctors to give you shots: You swallow a capsule with a tiny needle inside, and it opens and gives you the dose in your intestines, where you don't have pain receptors. They're about to start clinical trials now. (USA Today)

A 25-year-old intoxicated driver in California ran back to his burning car on Sunday . . . so he could use the flames to light a cigarette. (Fox40)

Someone's French bulldog was suffering from low oxygen on a JetBlue flight last Thursday, and its tongue turned blue. So two flight attendants hooked it up to an OXYGEN tank, and might have saved its life. ( / UPI)

Remember this story from last week? Some lady switched seats with a woman on a plane, then live-tweeted the love connection the woman had with the guy she sat next to? Well, now there's been a huge BACKLASH online, because some people think she violated their privacy by tweeting about them. (Full Story)


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