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It's National Fried Chicken Day. But according to a new survey, it makes no difference for 6% of Americans who eat fried chicken EVERY DAY. (National Today)  (Here's a list of fast food places with National Fried Chicken Day deals.)

A new survey for International Kissing Day found 1 in 5 of us don't think we're a good kisser. 2% of adults have still never been kissed. The #1 thing that can ruin a kiss is bad breath. And about 10% of us get grossed out when our parents kiss. (National Today)

99% of women say they DON'T want their husband or boyfriend to wear Speedos this summer, according to a new survey. And that's fine . . . because only 2% of men say they'd even want to wear one. (Daily Mail)

According to a new study, almost HALF of people say they secretly wish they could sleep in separate beds . . . just to get a better night's sleep. And 12% of couples already do sleep separately. (New York Post)

Which would you rather have: A slice of cake, or a cupcake? According to a new survey, it's a landslide for cake, 70% to 15%. (YouGov)

Believe it or not, 6% of people say that they're still sticking perfectly to their New Year's resolutions, according to a new survey. And another 14% say they're mostly sticking to them. (YouGov)

A 25-year-old woman in Alabama donated bone marrow a few years ago, and saved the life of a little girl in California who she'd never even met. Then they finally got to meet last month, after she asked her to be the flower girl in her wedding. (Dothan Eagle / CBS News)

A guy in western Pennsylvania was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to give cops a fake name . . . even though his real name is tattooed on his neck. (Full Story)

A 53-year-old guy in Florida was charged with resisting arrest this week, and said he really enjoyed it, because it was like being on an episode of "Cops". (Full Story)

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