This Afternoon's Odd News 7/5/18

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This Sunday is the best day of the summer to find a date, according to For comparison's sake, there will be about 20% more signups and messages on Sunday than there are on Valentine's Day. (Moneyish)

A woman on flight to Dallas on Tuesday switched seats with another woman to sit next to her boyfriend. And then she live tweeted as the woman in her old seat bonded with the guy next to her . . . and they seemed to FALL IN LOVE. (Twitter

A new study found the average bag of chips is 43% air. The brand with the best chip-to-air ratio is Fritos, where only 19% of the bag is filled with air. Cheetos have the worst ratio. 59% is air. (Kitchen Cabinet Kings)

There's a new ice cream that's made with a "secret" serving of vegetables. The flavors include things like chocolate with cauliflower, strawberry with carrots, and vanilla with zucchini. You can order the pints online for $8 each. (Delish)

A couple in California was redoing their bathroom and when they knocked down a wall, they found a message from a couple who used to live there . . . saying, quote, "We remodeled this bathroom [in] 1995 . . . if you're reading this, that means you're remodeling again. What's wrong with the way we did it?" (Twitter)

A new mom in Wisconsin couldn't breastfeed after an emergency C-section last month. But the baby needed skin-to-skin contact. So a nurse rigged up a way for the DAD to breastfeed. Now photos of it are making the rounds on Facebook. (WBAY)

Several cities in California, Colorado, and Arizona did DRONE displays instead of firework shows this year to avoid forest fires. And people are split over whether it's dumb, or way BETTER than fireworks. (Full Story)

A grandma in Texas has been wearing the same red, white, and blue shirt on the Fourth of July for two decades . . . and just realized the design on it is actually the flag of Panama. (Full Story)

A guy in southern California got footage of a bear hanging out in his hot tub. Then after he stopped filming, it got out and lapped up some margaritas that were sitting out. (Full Story)


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