This Afternoon's Odd News 7/3/18

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The majority of Americans will spend less than $100 to celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow, according to a new study . . . but one in 10 people will spend over $500. And the majority of people say they'll drop the most cash on food, alcohol, or fireworks. (Student Loan Hero)

A new survey found almost all of America's top ten guilty pleasures involve food, TV, or being lazy. The top five are ordering delivery, falling asleep with the TV on, having too much ice cream, procrastinating, and buying yourself a treat. (NY Post)

How close does something have to be for you to walk instead of drive? According to a new survey, people say they'll try to walk if something's less than a half hour way . . . but there are 13 times a month where they'll just drive to those close places anyway. (News Anyway)

There's a big debate on Twitter right now over the right way to make PB&J. And the consensus is to put peanut butter on one piece of bread and jelly on the other . . . but there's also a vocal minority who put the peanut butter on one piece then spread jelly right on top of it. (Time)

Someone in Illinois thought BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN was texting them directly last month, asking them to send money to help cover a, quote, "investment in gold he made in Dubai." So it was an obvious scam. But they fell for it anyway, and got taken for 1,600 bucks. ( / Asbury Park Press)

The last Toys "R" Us stores shut down for good last Friday. And someone paid a MILLION DOLLARS to buy all the leftover toys at a location in Raleigh, North Carolina, just so they could GIVE them away. (CBS17Plus here’s a viral photo of someone in a costume as the Toys "R" Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe . . . leaving an empty store with a suitcase. (Reddit)

Good News: The youth soccer team in Thailand that was missing for ten days was FOUND yesterday, and all 13 kids are okay. There's some pretty crazy footage of rescuers finding them trapped deep inside a flooded cave. (Full Story)

A new study found drinking one cup of coffee per day cuts your risk of early death by 8%. And drinking up to SEVEN cups a day cuts it by 16%. (Full Story)

Last month, a police department in Pennsylvania received five dollars in the mail from a guy who finally got around to paying off a parking ticket from 1974. (Full Story)


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