This Afternoon's Odd News 7/2/18

What days are you taking off this week? According to a new survey, 34% of people won't be working on July 4th . . . and about one in 10 won't be working Thursday and Friday after. I’ve noticed that it seems today, tomorrow and then the 4th is how some people are taking off. (YouGov)

A new survey asked how many people you absolutely trust. And the average answer is . . . only four. The people we're most likely to trust are our spouse . . . our mother . . . and our father. (The Sun)

Here's another new beach trend: Apparently, some women have started wearing their bikini tops with the halter straps tied on top of their chest and tucked in under the cups instead of behind their neck. If you can pull off the look, congratulations! (Daily Mail)

A family from South Korea took their baby to the ER in San Francisco after he fell off the bed a few years ago. He was fine, but they finally just got the bill . . . $18,000 for a quick exam, a nap, and a bottle of formula. They're working to try to get it reduced. (Vox)

A guy in Texas had a fight with a neighbor a few weeks ago, and he got revenge by . . . throwing a live rattlesnake into his home. But the neighbor spotted it, killed it, and the guy was arrested for deadly conduct and trespassing. (Austin American Statesman

A guy in Florida decided to take a cab home from jail on Thursday, but couldn't come up with the $70 cab fare. So the cops arrested him for petty theft and took him straight back to jail. (WMUR / Florida Today)

A 79-year-old woman in Florida recently used to find her birth mother, who's still alive at 100. And they only live 70 miles from each other. (Washington Post)

A 46-year-old gangster in France used a HELICOPTER to escape from prison on Sunday. He also escaped about five years ago using dynamite, and was on the loose for about six weeks. (Full Story)

The Flat Earth Society has been around since 2006. They actually think the earth is flat. Add to that their belief that Australia is fake thanks to a kidding post that said “Your Australian friends? They're all actors and computer generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.” The prank post has since been deleted but too late: over 50-thousand people in the Flat Earth Society have now bought into the idea that Australia is fake. (Full Story)


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