Get Heart Healthy with A Better U!

Each year, we partner for the Annual Go Red for Women Campaign in the Hudson Valley with the American Heart Association and one of the highlights is learning about the successes of the BetterU Challenge!    Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation is the proud sponsor of the BetterU Challenge, a 12-week lifestyle change program. Twelve lucky participants will be selected to participate in the 12-week challenge.  For this year's campaign, you still have time to apply to be a participate.  Visit, deadline this Friday June 29th!

Thank you to Lisa Morris, a BetterU Alum, who shared her story and encouragement for YOU to be a BetterU participant!  You'll be so happy you did!

Q92 was presented with the plaque from last year's Go Red for Women!  We're so lucky to be a part of it and 'save the date' for this year....Friday, November 9, 2018!!!


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