This Afternoon's Odd News 6/22/18

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 66% of people who are successful in their careers say that at some point on the way up, they had to "fake it to make it," according to a new study. And the main way was by projecting confidence even when they weren't really sure what they were doing. (New York Post)

Are these things CHEAP . . . or FRUGAL? According to a new survey, not leaving a tip, diluting your hand soap so it'll last longer, and re-gifting are cheap . . . but buying generic groceries or electronics, always using coupons, and tracking how much electricity you use are frugal. (PR Newswire)

According to a survey by The Knot, the newest wedding trend is to ask people for cash gifts, and using it to pay for the wedding itself. (PR Newswire)

Here are the biggest TURN-OFFS on a first date, according to a new survey: Poor hygiene . . . bad manners . . . constantly looking at your phone . . . having too much to drink . . . and bragging. (New York Post)

There's a new term called "Gatsbying" . . . where you do something BIG on social media just to get the attention of the one person you're in to. It's based on what the character Gatsby would do by throwing big parties in "The Great Gatsby". (Daily Mirror)

Do you like picnics? According to a new survey, a quarter of people DON'T . . . including 4% of people who HATE them. 51% of people say they like picnics, and 15% love them. (YouGov)

You're not going to have to go to state fairs to get deep fried Oreos anymore . . . they're about to start selling a home version. They'll be hitting the freezer section at Walmarts soon. (Delish(Here's a picture.)

Someone in Montana flipped their car on Wednesday while swerving to miss a wallaby or kangaroo. Turned out there was a kangaroo farm nearby. (Full Story)

63% of teenagers wish they didn't stare at their phone so much. And 26% would even be fine with someone else like their PARENTS forcing them to use it less. (Full Story)


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