This Afternoon's Odd News 6/21/18

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The average parents only last 13 days into their kids' summer break before they go NUTS, according to a new study. And the main reason is . . . you feel a lot of pressure to keep them entertained. (New York Post)

Someone posted a map that shows the most unique slang term in every state. And a lot of them are pretty obscure. Like in Hawaii, if someone jokes that you're "shark bait," it means you're so pale, you'll attract sharks if you get in the water. And in Nevada, a "pigeon" is a gambler who keeps throwing money at a bad bet. (PlayNJ(Check out all 50 slang terms here. For Idaho, they posted the wrong definition. "Potato drop" actually refers to the giant potato that drops on New Year's instead of a ball.)

A new survey asked people what keeps them from traveling more. And the top answers are: It's too expensive . . . I don't get enough time off work . . . and I'm worried about my safety. (New York Post)

A restaurant in New York just set the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Milkshake . . . and it costs $100. Basically, they just import the most expensive version of every ingredient, like ice cream from Tahiti and a rare caramel sauce from Venezuela. (Guinness World Records(And here's a video.)

A 71-year-old guy in Missouri and his 31-year-old son were playing "Pokemon Go" on Monday and they BEAT UP another guy who accused them of cheating. They're both facing assault charges. (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

A kid from New York dropped his favorite stuffed animal out of his parents' car while they were driving through Rhode Island last fall. Then he wrote a letter to the highway patrol. And they DID go look for it, but couldn't find it. So instead, they bought him a brand new stuffed animal and mailed it to him. (ABC7NY)

The first ever scratch-and-sniff stamps the Post Office announced last month are now on sale. (Full Story) And our Promotions Director Mr. Cory actually unintentionally bought some today here at a Post Office in Poughkeepsie!

A guy in Arkansas tried to use a stolen credit card at a restaurant yesterday, but the waitress realized it was stolen . . . because it was HER credit card. He'd stolen her purse from her car two days earlier. (Full Story)

A new study has found men think their food at a restaurant tastes better if it's served by an attractive waitress. (Full Story)

A 28-year-old Indiana woman is accused of dragging a nail salon employee with her car on Saturday, because she didn't like how they did her nails. (Full Story)

Some guy boarded a train from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie last Friday, and set up an entire PlayStation 4 gaming rig to play on his trip. (Full Story)

20 years ago, a cop in Washington took a photo in his squad car with his young son sitting on his lap. And they just recreated it for Father's Day even though the son is now 6-foot-7. He also followed in his dad's footsteps, and he's a cop now. (Full Story)

Good News: We've seen stories like this before, but they never get old. Another penny-pinching former teacher recently left a MILLION BUCKS in his will to set up a scholarship at his old school. This time in Portland, Maine. (Full Story)


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