Q92 TEG Federal Credit Union 9:30 Coffee Break

During the Coffee Break with Joe and Michelle ☕ we learned....

We actually see our own nose every single moment and still we don’t know that we are looking at it. Why so? That’s because our brain simply filters out the image of our nose.

In everyone’s life, a time comes when his or her parents never picked him or her up after putting him or her down!

Do you know how many real numbers are there between 0 and 1? Well, there are infinite number of real numbers between those two digits....what?

Pet Rock was so popular in the 70’s that its creator, became a multimillionaire about six months after marketing it.

Have a great day! <3 🎶 #joechelle

The coffee break, brought to you by TEG Federal Credit Union. Looking for something different? TEG is not a bank, they’re better. Why because they’re all about improving your life and know that you are more than just a credit score. Visit TEGFCU.com today.

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