This Afternoon's Odd News 6/20/18

The average person spends 284 days of their life dreaming about being on vacation, according to a new survey. That works out to about 18 or 19 minutes every day. (New York Post)

A cop in Indiana pulled a woman over on Saturday for driving below the speed limit in the left lane and backing up traffic. It's illegal to clog up the passing lane like that in Indiana, so she got a ticket . . . and the consensus on social media is that the cop is a HERO. (Time(I found this website that shows other states that have "keep right" laws. Can't guarantee it's totally current, but it appears it's no more than a few years old, and it's the most up-to-date guide I could track down.)

A pizza company in Canada just invented a pizza box that turns into a TABLE. So you just fold out a few flaps and boom . . . you've got a nice little table for eating pizza in bed. (DesignBoom

A chef in Australia just created DONUGS . . . which are fried chicken nuggets shaped like donuts. Then they add different toppings like Dijon and cheese and black salt. And he's planning to expand to America soon. (US Weekly(click Here for a picture.)

Is CHEST HAIR hot or not? Sadly, according to a new survey, it's not . . . 28% of women say they like chest hair, versus 35% who don't. (YouGov)

 25-year-old guy in Wisconsin didn't know the exact address of his friend's party on Saturday. So he tried to "follow the music" to find the apartment . . . scaled someone else's balcony by mistake . . . and got arrested for disorderly conduct. (CBS58)

A kid in Philadelphia just graduated from high school after never missing a single day of school his whole life. From pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, he made it to school 2,340 days in a row. Now his teachers have started a GoFundMe page and raised 20 GRAND to send him to culinary school. (Fox29)

Sometimes it’s good to have a nice healthy salad with dinner. When a 12 year old in Canada protested, his parents said “no.” Wanting his own way, he called for help… dialing 911. Yes, he dialed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police emergency line over being served a salad...and then again because they didn't respond quickly enough! (Full Story)

A guy wanted to sell his Presidential Rolex. So, he turned to where all reputable business people go…Craigslist. He found his prospective buyer, and they agreed on a price of $15-thousand dollars and the buyer handed over 15-grand in $100 bills. But when the seller went to buy something at a gas station later on - he realized the cash was fake, and he’d been duped. For future reference, there might be better places to go than Craigslist for a deal like that. (Full Story)



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