This Afternoon's Odd News 6/19/18

An online survey on our breakfast habits found 40% of us usually eat the same breakfast every day. 31% can’t stand cereal. And 64% of people admitted they've had pizza for breakfast before. (Delish)

The World Health Organization just classified video game addiction as a mental health condition for the first time ever. But some psychologists aren't convinced . . . they believe the addiction doesn't usually stand alone, and it's more of a side effect of anxiety or depression. (CNN)

Here are the most CONDESCENDING things that dads hate to hear, according to a new survey: When someone says to their wife, "You've got him well trained" . . . hearing "You're doing it wrong, you should do it like this" . . . and hearing "Are you disappointed the baby wasn't a boy?" (Yorkshire Post)

A woman in Michigan had her car stolen last week, and she spotted it the next day when she was driving in her rental car. So she stole her car back . . . but the car thief saw her, and stole her rental car. The cops eventually tracked him down and he was arrested. (Lansing State Journal)

Apple just announced a new feature in its next iPhone update that will let 911 dispatchers use GPS to see your exact location. Until now, they could only use cell towers to see a general area that's usually hundreds of yards wide. (CNN)

A guy in Astoria Queens went out for dinner with his family on Father's Day. And when they got their receipt, it included a note from the waitress telling the cook to SPIT in his burger. Unfortunately, he'd already eaten it. Since then the manager fired the waitress. I smell a lawsuit. (Full Story)

A restaurant in China recently tried to draw in new customers by offering a $20 all-you-can-eat deal where people could keep coming back all month. And two weeks into it, they went bankrupt. (Full Story)

A 28-year-old guy in New Zealand just pleaded guilty to stealing two toes from a dead body at a Body Worlds exhibit in Auckland last month. (Full Story)

Good News: A woman lost her $20,000 engagement ring on Fire Island a beach in New York over the weekend, and a cop found it for her. Turns out he also found another woman's wedding band eight years ago that was worth 30 grand. (Full Story)

A café in England is offering a 65- piece breakfast and folks are having a hard time finishing it. Could you? The breakfast at Shepherd’s Place Farm Café calls it the “Terminator 2,” which consists of eight sausages, eight slices of bacon, eight eggs, eight hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, and eight slices of toast. It also comes with your choice of tea or coffee. (Full Story)

A city in China has opened a specific walking lane for people on their phones. The lane is for those walking while texting to separate them from those who aren’t. It was originally intended to prove how much time we actually spend on our phones. (Full Story)

Dogs vs. Cats: Scientists finally reveal which is smarter – the answer is when it comes to raw brain power, dogs are clearly ahead. Their cerebral cortex is particularly dense. What’s the surprise about dogs being dense, cats say? It’s all about efficiency when it comes to hunting. It seems dogs have about 530 million neurons calculating their behavior, as opposed to 250 million in cats. (Full Story)


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