Answering the Phone and You Hear These Four Words.....

So, I saw this story yesterday and I feel it's really important that I share it with you! (You may have heard about this already!!)  I've heard about it, but haven't really engaged in these facts!  It appears that when you answer the phone from an unknown caller and you hear 'can you hear me' and you say 'yes' could be a scam!  Your simple 'yes' could have automatically agreed yourself to something!  You're wondering, how bad could it be, the con artist doesn't have my credit card!  According to reports, the con artists has YOUR phone number and apparently many phone companies pass through third party charges!  WHAT???!!!!!  When in doubt, hang up right away and say nothing!  

Now to be completely sure, check all of your bank and credit card accounts to make sure the con artist didn't scam you into purchasing something because they have the recording of you saying 'yes'!  To read more, I google searched and here is one source!  My husband always says, when I don't know who the caller is, 'answer your phone, it could be important', well....maybe not, right?!!!

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