This Afternoon's Odd News 6/18/18

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Modern life has gotten so stressful that now we really need eight-and-a-half hours of sleep to be healthy, according to a new study. It's because we wake up a few times during the night, so we really need eight-and-a-half hours in bed to get eight actual hours of sleep. (Full Story)

Can you "have it all"? According to a new survey, 78% of working parents say you CAN have a successful career AND be a good parent. (Full Story)

Back in 2013, a clarinetist from Canada received a huge, $50,000 scholarship to study in L.A. But his girlfriend didn't want him to move, so she told him he'd been rejected. He recently found out about it and sued. And a judge awarded him $350,000 in damages. (Full Story)

A couple in Wisconsin went to the movies a few weeks ago, and the husband was so mad that his wife had secretly salted their popcorn that he announced their marriage was OVER. Apparently they'd been having problems, and the salted popcorn was the final straw. (Full Story)

Reese's just announced the winner of a contest to find their most "outrageous" fan. They picked a woman named Renee Cupp who named her daughter Reese Cupp. And she didn't do it for the contest . . . Reese is eight. They won $10,000 and a year's supply of candy. (Full Story)

A little kid in Kansas recently knocked over a statue inside a community center. Now his parents might be on the hook for $132,000. (Full Story)

An airport in the U.K. has banned people from sleeping on the floor while waiting for their flights. And guards walk around every 10 minutes waking people up. (Full Story)

Police say a Michigan man admitted to torching some guy’s sport-utility vehicle late one night last month because, in his words, "It was way too loud" while it was driven in the neighborhood. (Full Story)

Remember the lady who shaved her legs at a public pool? Well move over there’s a woman who was brazenly shaving her legs in front of hundreds of commuters at a busy subway station in Times Square! (Full Story)


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