This Afternoon's Odd News 6/15/18

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Here are some of the skills that MODERN DADS need to master, according to a new survey: Setting up WiFi, a Netflix account, and video game consoles . . . building IKEA furniture . . . being active on social media . . . and teaching the kids how to host a YouTube show. (Daily Mirror)

The average dad expects each kid to spend $27 on their Father's Day gift this year. So some of the top things they want to get are chip-in gifts. The top things dads want include a nice dinner out . . . a nice bottle from a spirits store . . . a watch . . . a vacation . . . tickets to a sporting event . . . and beer. (SWNS Digital / YouGov)

The Oxford English Dictionary just added a bunch of new, modern words including binge watch . . . microaggression . . . stan (an overzealous fan, based on the Eminem song) . . . and spoiler alert. (Oxford English Dictionary)

There's a gym in New York offering a new workout where you get ELECTRIC SHOCKS while you exercise. And they say the shocks help activate and stimulate your muscles, so you'll get results in HALF the time it would normally take. (CBS 2 - New York)

It's June 15th, and the first pumpkin spice product of the year is already on shelves. Someone spotted Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch cereal on sale this week at a Walmart in Wisconsin.  (The Impulsive Buy) 

There's a woman in Florida who owns a weight loss clinic called "Dr. Drop It Like It's Hot." But it turns out she was performing minor cosmetic procedures and prescribing weight loss drugs without a medical license or any degrees . . . so she was just arrested. (New York Post / FOX 13 - Tampa)

A high school kid in Texas gave a six-minute speech at his graduation last Saturday. Which was a big deal, because he's autistic and rarely EVER talks. The theme of the speech was "unexpected" things, and he got a standing ovation. (USA Today(Here's the speech.)

According to a new report, animals in cities all over the world have become nocturnal, just to avoid humans. And it could be a big deal for the ecosystem. (Full Story)

The largest bullfrog tadpole ever discovered was recently found in a pond in Arizona. The photo is pretty crazy. It's almost a foot long. (Full Story)

A new study found people who are religious live about four years longer. (Full Story)

This is pretty scary. Some kids in Utah found what looked like Pokémon balls on Wednesday. But they were really improvised EXPLOSIVE devices . . . tennis balls filled with matches. One of them did explode, but luckily no one was hurt. (Full Story)

Eating fat and carbs at the same time overloads our brain and makes us overeat, according to a new study. (Full Story)


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