This Afternoon's Odd News 6/14/18

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According to a new survey, 30% of us aren't sure how to add windshield wiper fluid to our car. 53% don't know if they could jump start the battery. 61% aren't confident they could change a tire. And 41% can't identify which part is the ENGINE. (SWNS Digital)

22% of people won't buy Father's Day gifts for their dad until Father's Day, according to a new survey. And he'll probably be disappointed . . . because 93% of dads say they care about a Father's Day gift more than they let on. (Talking Retail / The Oklahoman)

There's a new product going on sale in July that's WINE-FLAVORED WATER. It's non-alcoholic and it's not clear who they're expecting to buy it. (Delish) 

A new survey found the most popular VEGETABLE in every state. Broccoli won 24 states including New York . . . corn was most popular in nine . . . and potatoes took six states. (PR Newswire) 

77% of people say they wish they could work from home, according to a new survey. And 19% say there are NO downsides to telecommuting. (PR Newswire)

A woman in Canada called 911 from a restaurant on Monday . . . because she and her son were hungry and they weren't cooking her pizza fast enough. The cops gave her a warning. (Toronto Star)

A guy from Alabama started a nonprofit a couple years ago called "Raising Men Lawn Care" that encourages kids to mow people's lawns for free. And this summer, he's personally traveling to all 50 states and mowing lawns for single mothers, veterans, and the elderly. (CBS News)

Update: The raccoon that captivated the nation by scaling a building in Minnesota made it to the top early yesterday morning. They used a cage to catch it, gave it a few cans of cat food, and released it back into the wild. (Full Story)

A new study looked at how easy it is for dads to work AND make time for their kids. And according to the results, the best states for working dads are Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Jersey. (Full Story)

Officials in Wales recently hung up a huge sign declaring their town is now "plastic free." But ironically, the sign itself is plastic. (Full Story)

Plastic surgery for men has gotten a lot more popular, according to a new report. "Torso tucks" that help accentuate your abs have surged. (Full Story)

A guy in California broke into someone's house on Friday and really made himself at home. He ate some Doritos . . . had a drink . . . took a shower . . . and even left his dirty clothes in their hamper. (Full Story)


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