This Afternoon's Odd News 6/13/18

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A new study figured out why you get HANGRY. The researchers found it's not necessarily that your hunger is making you angry . . . your hunger is just messing with your head and making it easier for you to get angry about everything else that's happening to you. (USA Today)

A new study asked people what they think God looks like. And while most people described someone who looked kinda like themselves, the average of all of the answers looks like a pretty basic guy . . . who kind of resembles a young Brad Pitt. (GQ

According to a new study, people keep on getting DUMBER. The researchers found that the average IQ of every generation is about seven points lower than the previous generation, and they believe it's because of worse education . . . worse nutrition . . . and more and more exposure to media. (Newsweek)

The average home needs NINE different repairs right now, according to a new survey. And the ones were most likely to put off are: Painting . . . remodeling the bathroom . . . and installing new carpet. (New York Post)

A waitress at a restaurant in Oklahoma City was busted last week, after her manager caught her skimming customers' credit cards a few hours into her very first shift. She's facing one felony count of unlawful use of a computer. (NBC 4 - Oklahoma City / Fox News

A woman stole a battery charger from a CVS in Pennsylvania last week and she pulled a KNIFE when an employee caught her. But when the cops got there, she said it was all just a, quote, "social experiment." They didn't buy that excuse, and she was arrested for felony robbery. (Penn Live

A new study found that having wrinkles around your eyes is a good thing, because it makes you seem more sincere. And when people think you're being sincere, that makes you more trustworthy. (Daily Mail)

More than a fifth of us consume an extra 1,300 calories at work each week. Mostly because of free things, like birthday cake and donuts. (Full Story)

A 28-year-old guy got into a fight with cops at a Walmart in Tennessee the other day . . . while wearing only his underwear and cowboy boots. (Full Story)

Twitter went nuts yesterday over photos of a raccoon scaling a 20-story building in St. Paul, Minnesota. As of last night, it was still stuck on the building. (Full Story)


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