This Afternoon's Odd News 6/12/18

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Here are the top signs that someone has their life together, according to a new survey: Owning a home . . . following through on plans . . . and keeping up a regular exercise routine. (New York Post)

According to a new survey, the top hobbies that have died out include model trains . . . quilting . . . scrapbooking . . . racquetball . . . and fixing up an old car. (SWNS Digital)

IHOP made an announcement last week that they were changing their name to IHOB. And yesterday, they revealed that the "B" stands for "burgers" . . . since they're introducing a new line of hamburgers. And yeah, the name change is only temporary. (CNN Money / USA Today / Today)

Yesterday it was Countrytime Lemonade helping out lemonade stands by covering any legal fees and now Domino's Pizza just announced a new plan to drive around the country and fix POTHOLES. It's part of a marketing campaign where they say they're making it a smoother ride to people driving around with pizza . . . and you can nominate a town to get their pothole help at (Yahoo)

A woman in Boston recently got a neck tattoo of two things that reminded her of her childhood backyard: A red maple leaf and a blue jay. But when she posted a photo on Instagram, someone pointed out she'd accidentally gotten a tattoo of the Toronto Blue Jays logo. (Vice) 

Pulling an all-nighter to cram for a test does more harm than good, according to a new study. The researchers found you need sleep to commit the info to your memory . . . and without it, you won't remember much of what you studied. (New York Post)

A mom in northern California escaped a fire this month after her pit bull woke her up. And before she could even get her baby out, the dog grabbed it by its diaper, and started dragging it outside to safety. In the end, no one was hurt. (Sacramento Bee)

According to a report, American toddlers now consume more sugar each day than American adults are supposed to eat. (Full Story)

Some guy recently found a woman's iPhone at the bottom of a river in Arizona, and it still worked. Turns out a woman dropped it TWO WEEKS earlier. And she was thrilled to get it back, because it had a bunch of baby photos on it. (Full Story)


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