This Afternoon's Odd News 6/11/18

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A new survey found that 7% of people have gotten into an accident because of a backseat driver, according to a new survey. And the top signs YOU'RE a backseat driver are: Criticizing the driver's decisions . . . complaining about them going too fast . . . and gasping when they brake. (Fox News)

The average person doesn't think they're grown up until age 33, according to a new survey. And the top signs that you are an "adult child" are: You binge watch an entire season of a TV show in a weekend . . . you get a tattoo . . . or you're in a group text chat with your friends. (Daily Mail)

According to a new survey, the top work perks we wish we got are regular bonuses . . . not having to work on your birthday . . . and an endless supply of free snacks. (SWNS Digital)

A guy in New Jersey went to the grocery store last month after his wife told him to return some orange juice because she saw it cheaper at another store. Then the guy used the refund to buy two Powerball tickets . . . and he won the $315.3 million jackpot. (ABC News)

The average person who goes VEGAN only lasts three-and-a-half months, according to a new survey. And the main reason is . . . they say they didn't get enough support from their friends and family. (Daily Mirror)

Here are some of the best things you can add to your dating profile to get more matches, according to a new study. For men, it's good to mention having a car, having a degree, and wanting kids. For women, it's also good to mention having a dog. (Essex Live)

A guy in Florida stole a car last week and crashed into a ditch . . . and when the cops got there, the guy had a MONKEY in a diaper clinging to his chest. But he didn't have an exotic animals permit, so he was arrested for auto theft and he might also be charged for possession of an unlicensed monkey. (The Smoking Gun)

Lemonade stands keep getting shut down by cops, because some areas require a permit. So the makers of Country Time Lemonade are offering to cover the cost of all permits and fines this summer. To apply, just check out the website, (Delish)

A park in Connecticut recently installed a 26-foot sculpture of Marilyn Monroe's famous dress scene from "The Seven-Year Itch" . . . the one where she stands on a subway grate, and it blows her dress up. Now some people are angry, because it's right across from a church that faces her rear end. (Full Story)

A 62-year-old woman in Memphis was arrested on Sunday after she was spotted transporting her grandkids in dog cages in the back of her SUV. (Full Story)


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