This Afternoon's Odd News 6/7/18

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A coffee shop in Australia just started serving BROCCOLI COFFEE . . . which is coffee with a special broccoli powder mixed in. On the bright side, it's the equivalent of five servings of vegetables . . . on the down side, apparently you can REALLY taste the broccoli flavor. (Mashable

If your boss offered you a promotion that DIDN'T come with a raise, would you take it? According to a new survey, 64% of us would, up from 55% in 2011.  

Here are the most popular flavors of ICE CREAM in America, according to a new survey: Mint chocolate chip . . . chocolate . . . cookies and cream . . . vanilla . . . and butter pecan. (National Today)

A woman in England ordered food delivery last week because there was a SPIDER in her house, and she wanted someone to come over and kill it. And . . . her delivery driver actually did. (Washington Post)

There's a new ketchup out that's based on Nickelodeon's GREEN SLIME. It tastes like normal ketchup, only it's bright green. And if you want it, it's exclusively available at Walmart. (The Junk Food Aisle(Here's a picture.)

Back in 2016, a guy threatened the cashier at a liquor store in Florida and said, "remember my face" before shooting him in the arm. So the cashier took his advice, and picked him out of a lineup after the cops finally tracked him down last week. (Local10)

There's a high school in San Diego with an automotive program, where kids can learn to be mechanics. And they recently did a bunch of body work on a 2014 Mazda that was all dinged up. Then on Monday, they gave it to a very deserving lunch lady, who also volunteers by driving around and handing out food to the homeless. (KGTV / CBS8)

There's a clothing website selling a pair of women's jeans where the entire outside of one of the legs is see-through mesh. So you can't wear underwear with them, or it would show. But if you don't, something ELSE might show. (Full Story)

A couple pieces of snake news: A woman in Virginia was recently driving in her car when a snake slithered out of one of her air vents. (Full StoryA guy in Texas almost died last month when he picked up a decapitated rattlesnake, and got bit by its severed head. (Full Story)


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