This Afternoon's Odd News 6/5/18

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Too much bad news can literally affect your health. According to a psychotherapist, constantly stressing out about bad news can cause you to lose sleep and develop anxiety and depression . . . which can lead to headaches and stomach problems. (CBS 3 - Philadelphia)

A team of scientists and chefs in Italy say they've developed a pizza that helps PREVENT CANCER. It uses a wheat dough, cherry tomatoes, broccoli rabe, olives, garlic, chilies, and olive oil . . . and no cheese, sauce, or meat. (Daily Mail)

Crayola just released a new beauty line of makeup "face crayons." They've got a bunch of different products including eye shadow, highlighters, lipstick, and more. If you want them you can order them online.(Cosmopolitan) 

There's a baby in England whose first word was just "Alexa" . . . and his parents say it's because he must've heard them constantly saying "Hey Alexa" to their Amazon Echo. (The Sun)

A guy in New York is suing CVS . . . because they told his wife about his secret Viagra prescription, and he says it ruined his marriage. He didn't specify how much money he's looking for. (Huffington Post)

An 8-year-old kid in Georgia hopped out of his mom's car last week to help an old lady up a flight of stairs. And a video of it is going viral. (CBS News / Huffington Post) 

A guy who was trying to row his way across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Scotland had to be rescued yesterday morning . . . about 20 miles off the coast of New Jersey. (Full Story)

The very first Gerber Baby was Ann Turner Cook in 1928. Now she's 91 years old, and just posed for a photo with the current Gerber Baby. (Full Story)

A 24-year-old guy near Scranton, Pennsylvania told the cops someone threw an explosive device through his window and started a fire on Sunday. Now he's facing charges, because it turns out he actually started the fire himself while trying to refill his Zippo lighter. (Full Story)


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